Postdoc and Graduate


Tom Britten (PhD Lancaster, MChem Bangor)


Originally from Bournemouth, Tom graduated from Bangor University in 2015 with an MChem degree. Throughout his undergraduate studies, Tom gained experience in a range of synthetic research groups: medicinal chemistry (Prof. J. L. Reymond, Universität Bern, Erasmus internship), organic electronics (Prof. I. Perepichka, Bangor University, 3rd year project) and carbohydrate chemistry (Dr. M. Lahmann, Bangor University, 4th year project and summer internship). After graduation, Tom moved to Lancaster University for his PhD under the supervision of Dr Susannah Coote, in collaboration with AstraZeneca (CASE award). His PhD focused on the development of scalable photochemical methodologies to access functionalised four-membered rings. He subsequently moved to MMU in May 2019 as a postdoc working on organic methodology and medicinal chemistry projects. Outside of chemistry, he enjoys football, NFL and travelling.

PhD Students

Ashley Basson (MChem, MMU, Starting Oct ’19)

Dean Roberts (MChem, MMU, Starting Oct ’19)