17/10/2022 – New(ish) PhD student

We are delighted Niamh has decided to stay on in the group for her PhD, and will be working on new modalities to treat cardiovascular disease. Glad to have you back.

11/10/2022 – New paper in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry

Niamh’s MRes work, studying [4+2] cycloadditions of acyliminium ions is not now in OBC. Amazing achievement in less than a year!

03/10/2022 – New MChem. Student

We welcome Roscoe Martin, who has started his final year MChem project in the group. Roscoe will be working on new avenues in Hiyama cross coupling.

07/09/2022 – Gregynog bound

Mark had a fanatic few days at the Gregynog synthesis conference in beautiful (and rural) Gregynog hall in North Wales.

29/06/2022 – New paper in Chemical Communications

Bumper month, with Dean’s work being accepted in Chem. Comm, this time producing oxetanes from simple starting materials via a hydrosilylation-cyclisation strategy. Fantastic work!

01/06/2022 – New paper in Chemistry – A European Journal

Our first research paper from Lancaster has just landed in Chem. Eur. J. Ash’s study accessing novel polycyclic motifs using calcium is now available. Lovely piece of work.

21/05/2022 – New review paper in Tetrahedron!

Ash’s review covering catalytic approaches to N-acyliminium ions has been published in Tetrahedron. Excellent work!

18/05/2022- New review in Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis

Dean’s review looking at the β-silicon effect has now been published in adv syn. cat. Congrats on a beast of a review!

08/09/2021- Invited talk

Mark gives a talk to the School of Chemistry and Bioscience at the University of Bradford. The talk discussed the groups work on the catalytic generation of heteroatom reactive intermediates.

02/08/2021 – New Department , who this?

After several months of planning, and frantic late stage packing, the group have moved to their new home with the chemistry department at Lancaster University. Exciting times ahead.

21/05/2021 – New paper in Organic Letters!

Dean’s first author paper, and it’s a great one. We show that highly functionalism aziridines can be access from readily available starting materials using a hydrosilylation-iodinination-cyclisation strategy. Amazing work on a very difficult project. [Link]

28/04/2021 – New Featured Article in Synthesis!

An entire team effort on this one, which follows on from Tom’s front cover in JOC. A facile and stereoselective Aza-Peterson to access (E)-alkenes. Brilliant team work all the way through. [Link]

19/02/2021 – New Paper in ChemSusChem!

Another smash hit from Ash. This time, a new way to make aminooxazoles and triazoles with calcium. [Link]

31/03/2020 – New Paper in Journal of Organic Chemistry!

1st year PhD student Ashley has his work investigating the scope of his previously published calcium catalysed reaction.  This work shows the full utility of the reaction, and provides a rapid way of synthesising isoindolinone scaffolds. [Link]

16/03/2020 – Goodbye MChem students

We say adios to our three MChem students, and wish them all the best in their upcoming exams. Good work all

28/02/2020 – Tchau Julia!

We say a fond farewell to our visiting Brazilian student Julia, who flies back home today. She did an excellent job working with Tom, and made some really nice compounds.

27/11/2019 – New Paper in Journal of Organic Chemistry!

Superstar postdoc Tom has published his first paper with the group. Tom developed a fast and catalytic Peterson olefination reaction using 0.1 mol% of the Brønsted acid triflimide. The article has been chosen as a feature article in the journal and will appear on the cover of issue #2 early next year! [Link]

22/07/2019Welcome Ashley and Dean!

A big welcome to new PhD students Ashley Basson and Dean Roberts who join the group for their PhD’s. Ashley will be working on enantioselective Alkaline Earth Metal catalysis while Dean will investigate the stereoselective synthesis and application of metalloid scaffolds.

24/06/2019 – New Paper in Chemical Communications!

Congratulations to incoming PhD Ashley Basson on getting his summer work accepted in Chem. Commun. Ash did a fantastic job of optimising the reaction and performing a preliminary substrate scope. [Link]

16/06/2019 – GRC Talk and Poster

Mark was honoured to present some of the group’s unpublished work at the Heterocyclic Compounds Gordon Conference in beautiful Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island.

28/05/2019 – Welcome Kate!

Welcome to Kate Jones (3rd year MChem, MMU), who joins the group as a summer researcher. She will be working with Tom on some cool Brønsted acid catalysis.

23/05/2019 – RSC Talk

Mark was delighted to present some of the group’s ongoing work at the RSC Organic Division Northwest Regional Meeting. Thanks to Prof. Joe Sweeney for the invite.

15/04/2019Welcome Tom!

A huge welcome to Tom Britten, our very first postdoc, who joins us from the Coote group at Lancaster University.

11/01/20192 year PDRA position available

A fully funded, 2 year PDRA position to work on synthetic methodology and drug discovery is available. More details see here, and applications through the portal here.

Deadline 6th Feb.

17/12/2018 – New Visiting Student

Welcome to Camila Salinas Guillaux, who joins the group from Brazil. She will be working on modular synthesis of lactam scaffolds.

01/10/2018BSc. Project Students

Nicholas Sparkes, Dana Panahai, Alejandro Cuello-Rodriguez, Elaiza Villacampa and Ariadna Mane Baio all join the group for their BSc. projects. Welcome all!

17/09/2018 – New Erasmus Students

A very warm welcome to our two new Erasmus students, Levi Van Dijk and Liban Van Haren, who are visiting from Hogeschool Utrecht.

29/05/2018 – New summer students

Welcome to Ashley Basson, Oska Pugh and Oliver Jackson (all MMU) who have started in the group as summer vacation students.

04/05/2018 – RSC Undergraduate Bursary

Congratulations to Ashley Basson (Chemistry, MMU) who has been awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry undergraduate research bursary to work in the group over the summer.

05/03/2018 Research Grant

The group has been awarded a Research Accelerator Grant by MMU to continue our work in calcium catalysis.

21/02/2018 –  External Talk

Mark has been asked to speak at the 4th Hans Suschitzky Organic Chemistry Symposium at the University of Salford.

08/01/2018 – New Publication

Our first publication, in collaboration with the Brennan group, has been published in Chem. Commun. Congrats Hannah and Irene on great work. [Link]


Mark has moved to take up his role of lecturer in synthetic and medicinal chemistry at MMU

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