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Funded Positions

Any funded positions that we have will be advertised in the usual places.


When there are no funded positions advertised, and you would like to join the group, you must obtain your own funding via applications to postdoctoral fellowships. Those interested are advised to contact Dr. McLaughlin as full assistance in preparing high quality applications will be provided.

Listed below are several sources of independent funding,

Graduate Students (MSc, MRes, PhD)

Prospective graduate students should contact Dr. McLaughlin to discuss possible projects and sources of funding. Any funded positions that arise will be advertised in the usual places. The UK government offers a doctoral loan that eligible students can apply for.

For students wishing to secure their own funding, a list of funding bodies is below. If you wish to apply for these to work in our group, please contact Dr. McLaughlin to discuss potential projects and for full support in writing proposals.

Undergraduate Students

Students wishing to carry out summer research in the group should contact me directly to discuss potential projects. The group plans to have several students per year, and any funded positions will be posted as soon as available.

Below are a list of sources for summer projects, and feel free to come see me to discuss applying for them.

Students wishing to perform BSc. and MChem. research within the group are asked to speak with Dr. McLaughlin as early as possible. Projects will be in both medicinal and synthetic chemistry and we are happy to fit your interests to potential projects.