Group Members

Current Members

Visiting Students

Levi Van Dijk (Erasmus Student, Hogeschool Utrecht) – Transition Metal Catalysis

Liban Van Haren (Erasmus Student, Hogeschool Utrecht) – Photoredox Catalysis

MChem Project Students

Oska Pugh (MChem. MMU) – MChem Student with Dr Vittorio Caprio. Project: Nitrone Chemistry for Target Validation

BSc. Project Students

Nicholas Sparkes – Target Validation

Alejandro Cuello-Rodriguez – Target Validation

Dana Panahai – Calcium Catalysis

Elaiza Villacampa – Reactive Intermediates

Ariadna Mane Baio – Calcium Catalysis

Group Alumni

We are very proud of our alumni, and have no doubt that they will continue to achieve great things.


Ashley Basson (MChem. MMU) – RSC Vacation Student. Project: Calcium Catalysis.

Current – MChem Project Student with Dr Ryan Mewis

Oliver Jackson (MChem. MMU) – Summer Vacation Student. Project: Transition Metal Catalysis

Current – MChem Project Student with Dr Oliver Sutcliffe


Hannah  Kiely-Collins (MSci. Chemistry, Imperial London) – Summer Vacation Student, Oxford. Project: Calcium Catalysed Beckmann Rearrangements

Current position – DPhil Candidate Cambridge University